3 Idiots 2009

3 Idiots 2009 Full Movie Watch Online 123movies, 3 Idiots is a movie about the education system and it brings out some of the flaws in it. . It looks at our educational system which pressurizes the students and does not allow to chose his destination by his own wish, in a satirical way. On parallel it also shows the brighter site of the friendship, how one can motive and stand by his friend blockbuster novel penned by Chetan Bhagat…

Both humour and emotional quotients are amalgamated in the right proportion, full credit goes to Raju Hirani for that. Film offers lots of quality rib-tickling moments throughout. The intermission point offers a twist that is totally out of the blue and keeps you hooked to the movie ! Just when you think this feel-good comic caper is leading to its culmination, there is another surprising element at the climax which is brilliantly weaved out by Hirani.

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