Happy Wedding 2016 Malayalam

Harikrishnan, aka Hari, is a young civil engineer. He usually spends time hanging with his cousin Manu, who is a flirt. Hari is in a relationship with a girl Lakshmi, but she is a flirt herself. Hari, Manu, and a friend Paul Achayan, go to meet her. Hari is left heartbroken when Lakshmi begins to get close to another guy. He leaves with Manu to a bar.

As Hari and Manu are drinking, they call a man, thinking he is a waiter and asks him a beer. The man tells that he is not waiter and joins them. He tells them that he is a motivational speaker and the boys befriend him and call him Bhai. As they are discussing about Lakshmi, Manu exclaims that Hari is a guy who always falls for love tricks. Bhai asks Hari to tell about his college love story.

Hari and Manu were students in an engineering college with an ensemble of friends, Tyson, Pareekutty, Asha etc. Hari is in love with Shahina. Everything goes well, Hari enjoys with Shahina, Manu spends time as a complete rascal and everything is good.

Some after they leave college, Hari, Manu and Tyson are caught by the police. To Hari’s shock they see Shahina’s father there. They are shocked to learn that Shahina is missing and Hari is the main suspect. Sub-inspector Happy Paul, who wants all cases to have a happy ending, tries to question the boys. After learning of Hari and Shahina’s relation he gives his full support to them. But then, Shahina walks into the station accompanied by Pareekutty. It is revealed that Shahina and Pareekutty were in a relationship long before Hari met Shahina. Shahina’s parents are happy, but Hari is left heartbroken.

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Happy Wedding 2016 Malayalam Cast Information

Director: Omar

Actors: Anu Sithara, Delna Davis, Drishya Raghunath, Justin John, Sharaf U Dheen, Siju Wilson, Soubin Shahir

Country: India

Duration: 128 min

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.5

Happy Wedding 2016 Malayalam gomovies
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