Kappela 2020 Malayalam

Set in the village areas of Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur, Kappela revolves around an ordinary, innocent girl who comes to Kozhikode city from a high range area called Poovarmala.
Jessy is a demure damsel and the eldest of the two daughters of a modest family from the countryside of Wayanad, called Poovaranmala. The typical middle-class family finds a livelihood by farming and besides, Jessy’s mother Mary tailors to meet the earnings for the family.

One day, when Jessy returns from town after collecting lining for mothers’ work, Mary tells her to call one of her clients and confirm the forgotten measurements for a blouse. Jessy dials a wrong number that is picked by Vishnu who is an auto rickshaw driver from Malappuram. Vishnu calls her back over again few times, they gradually develops a romantic relationship but has never seen each other. When Jessy receives a marriage proposal from Benny, she decides to meet Vishnu and travels to Kozhikode.

Once she arrives at Kozhikode, Jessy tries calling Vishnu on phone, since he had promised to meet her at the bus terminal. However, Vishnu loses his phone in a scuffle and one of the passersby steal it. Roy, who witnessed it, gets the phone from the thief and meets up with Jessy instead. Since Jessy and Vishnu had never seen each other, she misidentify Roy to be Vishnu. But Vishnu finds her and Roy leaves them, returning the phone to Vishnu.

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Kappela 2020 Malayalam Cast Information

Initial release: March 2020 (United Arab Emirates)
Director: Musthafa
Producer: Vishnu Venu
Music composed by: Sushin Shyam
Screenplay: Musthafa, Sudhas, Nikhil Vahid

Kappela 2020 Malayalam gomovies
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