Mawali Raaj 2019 Hindi Dubbed

Two children raised by single parents attempt to reunite their parents to enjoy the happiness of a complete family.
One day, Bhaskar goes with Aakash for a felicitation ceremony, where actress Kalyani (Nikesha Patel) is the chief guest. Kalyani gives an interview stating that she is in love with a businessman who is a single parent. Bhaskar reaches the venue at the same time. This creates a confusion among the press and media, and they mistake Bhaskar to be Kalyani’s love interest. The reporters bombard him with questions about Kalyani. Bhaskar misinterprets their questions and thinks that they are asking about his favorite beer “Kalyani”, and his statements go viral. Kalyani’s real love interest happens to see this news and separates from her. Bhaskar tries to set things right by meeting Kalyani’s love interest and settling the misunderstanding, but the latter insults Bhaskar. Things take a different course when the person denies Bhaskar an audience and insults him. This leads to Bhaskar thrashing the guy in his office which is also covered by the press.

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Mawali Raaj 2019 Hindi Dubbed Cast Information

Director: Siddique
Writers: Ramesh Khanna (dialogue), Siddique
Stars: Arvind Swamy, Amala Paul, Baby Nainika

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