Prema Kavali 2011

Srinu loves Prema but she does not reciprocate his feelings. He kisses Prema in an unexpected situation, which a stranger captures on camera and later uses it to blackmail her.
A story about Sreenu, an NCC cadet who loves Prema in his college, and his heroic efforts to gain his love.
Later, Prema starts Loving Srinu and Tagore implements an Escape plan to make the Terrorist get released from the Prison. The whole blame is on Prema’s father and he confronts Prema which makes her Confess the truth. Being the person loving her and as an N.C.C. trainee, Srinu dares to chase Tagore and the Terrorist. In a fight Srinu kills Tagore and The Terrorist is sent to Police Custody. Later Srinu goes to the place where he kissed Prema and finds her waiting for him. The film ends with a scene featuring Srinu and Prema confess their love for each other.
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Prema Kavali 2011 Telugu Movies Cast Information

Director: Vijay K. Bhaskar (as Vijaya Bhaskar)
Writer: Vijay K. Bhaskar (as Vijaya Bhaskar)
Stars: Aadi, Isha Chawla, Dev Gill

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