Savarakathi 2018 Hindi Dubbed gomovies

Savarakathi 2018 Hindi Dubbed

Pichai, a barber, has a skirmish with a gangster named Manga while travelling. Pichai runs and goes into hiding when Manga swears to exact revenge before sundown.
Pichaimoorthy (Ram), a barber, being forced by his wife, Subathra (Poorna), to accompany her and their two kids, to meet her brother, Raghu, who has eloped with a girl from an effluent family. They need to get the two of them married before the girl’s parents interfere. However, en route, Pichai gets into a skirmish with Manga (Mysskin), a gangster who is out on parole and has to go to prison by that evening. An enraged Manga swears that he will chop off the former’s limb by sundown. Pichai runs all over the city to escape from Mange and his gang. Can Pichai survive the day? The film ends with an inspirational message that knife must be used only to cut the umbilical cord between a mother&baby and not to harm people.
A barber has a bad encounter with a gangster on the road and this results in him running all over the city to save himself.

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Savarakathi 2018 Hindi Dubbed Cast Information

Directed: G.R. Adithya
Released Date: 2018
Types: Comedy, Drama
Film Stars: Ram, Shamna Kasim, Myshkin
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip
File Size: 826MB.

Genre: Hindi Dubbed Movies

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