Babyteeth 2020

A terminally ill teen upsets her parents when she falls in love with a small-time drug dealer.
This movie is different from your normal cancer romances. Its set in Australia and of course, you can’t shoot a movie in Australia without its wonderful nature. The stills are absolutely amazing. The story is slow and in bits or chapters just like a novel. It might be slow but it’s not boring. A girl who’s about to die falls in love with a drug addict and the parents have to decide what to do. Eliza was absolutely wonderful and so… (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the movie)
But Toby Wallace’s performance is so convincing and brilliant too. I was pleasantly surprised. I have a feeling that it’ one of those underrated movies that don’t get nominated for the oscars. But I hope it does. Because it deserves it.

Babyteeth 2020 Cast Information

Director: Shannon Murphy
Screenplay: Rita Kalnejais
Nominations: Grand Jury Prize, Volpi Cup for Best Actress, MORE
Awards: Marcello Mastroianni Award, HT Audience Award for Best Feature Film

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